Where to Buy Real Estate in Langley?

understand the top rated neighbourhood in Langley

The Langley community in BC’s lower mainland is quickly emerging as one of the ideal places for first time home buyers and new families to live. Langley has plenty to offer when it comes to amenities, friendly neighbourhoods and its proximity to other major cities in the lower mainland like Vancouver and Richmond. In terms of the value of Langley’s real estate, as well as the rate in which these properties are appreciating in value, there are plenty of reasons to consider Langley as your new hometown.


The question then becomes which neighbourhood is the ideal place for your needs or those of your loved ones. To help you narrow down your search for the ideal property in Langley, we have provided some helpful descriptions of Langley’s top-rated neighbourhoods to buy into.

Langley’s top-rated neighbourhoods

Langley City

For those who love to make the most of their time spent outdoors, Langley City brings plenty to the table. In addition to the numerous urban amenities and outdoor attractions such as bike lanes, parks, hiking trails and more, Langley City is poised for a major expansion in the next few years. This is thanks to the additional public transit coming to the area which will connect Langley City directly to downtown Vancouver for added convenience to commuters. In addition, the expansion of Highway 1 will make it easier for high occupancy vehicles to reach their destination faster via the highway. As these developments will draw more traffic and infrastructure to the area, home prices in Langley City are bound to appreciate in a significant way over the next 5 to 10 years.



For a few years now, homes in the Brookswood neighbourhood in Langley have attracted plenty of buyers. Families, in particular, have looked to call Brookswood home thanks to the fact that the neighbourhood has plenty of space to offer in property size and square footage. This is especially beneficial for families looking for a new home in close proximity to Vancouver. In 2018, the average price of a home in Brookswood was nearly 40% less than the average price in Greater Vancouver. This allows people to find the affordable middle ground in selecting their next home. Now is an ideal time to get into the Brookswood neighbourhood, as new developments are already in the works in the neighbourhood and the surrounding areas. These new developments typically mean property values will go up in the next few years. For families looking for a friendly and well-maintained community, Brookswood leaves little to desire.



You may have noticed a bit of a theme in the previous descriptions of Langley City and Brookswood when it comes to new infrastructure and housing developments in each area. This is actually a major reason why virtually any neighbourhood in Langley offers great value right now. Home prices are lower than Greater Vancouver, and appreciation of property values in the area is more than likely going to continue to rise. The same goes for the rapidly emerging Aldergrove neighbourhood in Langley. Here we are seeing multiple commercial and community developments that are helping turn what was once a commuter neighbourhood into a true community within Langley. With the current average Aldergrove family home price sitting just over $750,000, there has never been a better time to break into an emerging Langley neighbourhood.


If you are ready to get started on house hunting in a Langley community, or other lovely communities in BC’s lower mainland, be sure to get in touch with the friendly real estate experts on the Tony Z Team today!

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