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Surrey, BC is one of the most vibrant and desirable communities to call home in the entire province of BC. Conveniently located outside of Vancouver, this city features all the charm of a smaller community while offering all the amenities and activities enjoyed by those who live in larger cities. Known as the City of Parks, Surrey features a number of beautiful green spaces and outdoor attractions that will appeal to the most dedicated outdoor lovers. Surrey is made up of seven distinct town centres, all of which have something unique to offer residents and homeowners in the area. There is a place for everyone in Surrey!

Incorporated back in 1879, Surrey is one of the oldest communities in all of BC, which provides plenty of opportunities to visit beautiful historic Canadian heritage sites. Surrey also boasts one of the most moderate climates in the entire country, with wet but mild winters, and beautiful, sunny summers that encourage visits to a large number of parks and coastal sites where people can enjoy the water and sunshine. Residents of Surrey can also enjoy great events like the annual WinterFest, Cloverdale Rodeo and County Fair, as well as the annual Children’s Festival, which celebrates youth in Surrey, which features one of Canada’s youngest populations. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have Tony Z’s team help you find the perfect place to live in a city as wonderful as Surrey, BC!

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