Community - We Love Giving Back

Being an active member of our community is very important to our team.

Tony has been serving the Cloverdale, Clayton & surrounding communities since 1990. If you've met Tony, you'd remember his kind smile, caring demeanour and confidence to take care of you. He has been known in the community over the last 30+ years for valuing integrity, action and support in the community. He is a great resource when it comes to market knowledge, adapting and leading to the ever changing marketing strategies, effective negotiation skills and a high-quality professional network. Tony dedicates his time visiting the community face to face with his wife Casey and their“ community greeters” Biscuit & Star -their Labrador Retrievers who join them door knocking from time to time! Perhaps you have already had a chance to meet them!

Our Annual Community Traditions

Every Spring we hold our Cloverdale and Clayton community garage sales. We hold these events on two separate weekends and take care of all the organization and advertising. You will even find Tony and the team handing out maps and visiting the participants. At Christmas time we give back to our clients by holding our annual Christmas Tree and Pie Giveaway! We create an annual tradition, inviting our past and current clients to come on down to Krause Berry Farms for a free Christmas Tree or decadent holiday Pie. We also collect non perishable goods and funds towards the Langley Food Bank this day as well. It's our way of thanking you and your family for trusting us with your Real Estate needs and know we are always here for you.

Door Knocking in Cloverdale and Clayton

Tony, his wife Casey and their dog Sako can be found door knocking in the Cloverdale and Clayton neighbourhood. Tony values a face to face conversation with our community. He and Casey welcome any questions you may have when it comes to Surrey Real Estate. Sako is just along for the ride and loves representing the team with his shiny vest!

Our Community Mailer

The Tony Z Cloverdale Newz goes out twice a month. We send this valuable newsletter to approximately 20,000 homes per month! If you live between 192-168th Street and Hwy 10 - 64 Ave. you should be receiving our community mailer!

The first issue offers market updates & statistics for detached and attached homes along with an overview of what’s happening in the real estate market at the moment.

The 2nd issue will usually have a “Story of the Month.” Every month we feature a client and tell their story. We started to highlight this because we don’t just sell homes, there’s many great stories that go with this process that we thought our community may find fun to read and relate to!

Follow our Happenings on Social Media

We love sharing our current happenings on our Social Media pages. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram. Here, we share your listings, open houses, feature our sold properties, share behind the scenes, events, statistics and more!

We also love holding fun giveaways throughout the year. This is an opportunity for us to not only give away fun and valuable prize to a local resident but also support local businesses too!

If you are a Facebook and Instagram fan we'd love to connect with you through Social Media.